PALS Team with Dr V Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras & Prof. R Velraj VC, Anna University in June 2023 during Valediction


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TAMILNADU – Anuradha S : +91 98402 54464
AP / TELANGANA – Prof. I V. Murali Krishna +91 98480 49624
KERALA – SP Ashokkumar : +91 84548 44801
KARNATAKA – Dr. Lakshmi G: + 91 63666 90393

Sujata S : +91 98416 39338 ; +91 98405 50470

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PALS Hyderabad (PALSH) Launched successfully on 9th June at IITH.

Activities of PALS as a social outreach program of IITM have been brought to the attention of MHRD and PMO. PALS have been encouraged to reach out and extend the model in other parts of India.

Andhra / Telangana region has been the first choice with IITH / large alumni community / many colleges and industry support.

Institutions enrolling from Andhra / Telangana region will be able to participate in all the PALS programs which are being run by the parent PALS body. These programs have been designed over more than a decade of experience.

PALS Partner Colleges will have the additional advantage of programs organized by PALS H Hub in collaboration with IITH / local industry and alumni experts. 

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PALS is an educational initiative by volunteers from Alumni Fraternity of various IITs, for the benefit of students of engineering colleges. This initiative is supported by IIT Alumni Industry Interaction Centre (IITAC) and IIT Madras Alumni Charitable Trust (IITMACT). 

PALS 2023– 24 is the 13th year of PALS

PALS offers a regular engagement with the students and faculty through a series of events conducted through out the year with various activities. It features various events such as insightful general and technical lectures, Industry visits, an Innovation Challenge Competition and interesting and enlighting Workshops and Seminars for students as well as for faculty.

The Objective of PALS is to enable the students to be “Industry Ready” and meet the expectations of the Industry, when they launch their career. 

The various offerings of PALS are delivered by and with active collaboration from Faculty, Management  and Alumni of various IITs, apart from Industry / domain experts from across the globe. We also collaborate actively with IIT Research Park, Start up incubation cells, TLC (Teaching Learning Center) of IIT, RuTAG (Rural Technology Action Group) funded by DST etc. With the complete 360 degree intervention that PALS offers we believe, we provide students with an exposure to the industry so that they are more confident in their engineering career. 


We aspire to reach out to deserving students of many more engineering colleges. Understandably, this will need significant financial support from the industry. PALS is excited to invite your esteemed organization to be a Corporate Sponsor of various PALS events or allocate funds through your CSR mission. Please reach out to PALS. 


PALS has entered into partnership with many organizations across Industry. The organizations who have tied up with PALS are known as Industry Partners (IP). IPs help PALS in providing Industry projects, Internships, Industry visits, Faculty development Programs, Speakers for campus lectures, and so on to students / faculties of PIs enabling them to get a feel of the real life in industries. IPs also assists in providing mentors and judges for “innoWAH” Innovation Challenge Competition, yet another annual flagship event of PALS.


Are you an Alumni of any IIT ?

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I have been following PALS ever since this initiative was started in 2012. It has grown in its size and content since then and is now able to provide value-added holistic inputs to all stakeholders of engineering education. PALS has helped increasing the quotient of experiential learning among Students. PALS, hugely dependent on volunteer activity would be a game changer and transformational for the engineering institutions. I hope PALS grows to great heights and beyond Tamil Nadu

Dr Bhaskar Ramamurti

Former Director, IIT Madras

Thanks to Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering Management for their detailed feedback on PALS

Thanks to KALAIGNARKARUNANIDHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Management for their detailed feedback on PALS

Thank you ! Partner Institutes

PALS Partner Institute feedback on PALS program

PALS is doing a tremendous job in encouraging the creativity of students in engineering institutions which is a must for making them entrepreneurs. Very delighted to know about the Faculty Development Program conducted by PALS. It is very important to have a committed faculty in every institution shaping the future of each student.  Inputs and facilities provided by PALS  in various education institutions will certainly motivate several students to become successful entrepreneurs

Dr V Irai Anbu I.A.S

Additional Chief Secretary, Director Anna Institute of Management & Director General of Training

This is a wonderful initiative to help the students and faculty also think differently, to set higher goals and to have benchmarks as reference with other colleges and institutions and to work towards those things that they may not get to work in this typical academic setting and therefore it's really a catalyst for changing the culture in the institution towards something that is much more future oriented. Thank you PALS.

Dr. Sivakumar Krishnan

Director, Shri Vishnu Group

I am very happy to quote that PALS is an association wherein the alumni of IIT Madras have made a platform for the other institutions, especially the faculty and students to come together, and they are passing on knowledge and skills in many pressing areas which actually India is looking for.

I am impressed the way the mentoring is being done by the alumni of IIT Madras, and I also see that few institutions have already made the industry connect, but here I could see that many industries have their own methodology of connecting, and PALS has made it greater in terms of involving them in mentoring the students directly.

I am happy that we are also a part of it, and I am ensuring that our participation will be much more intensified in the coming years, and after coming to this event, I came to know that the PALS has spread its wings even across the nation and to Nepal too. Thank you for inviting me.

Dr. S N Sridhara

Vice Chancellor of Hindustan University, Chennai

Since 2016, we have been a part of PALS. It's a very fascinating journey. Hand holding by PALS is truly amazing. We are experiencing excellent support from PALS.

Dr. KCK Vijayakumar

Principal, Vivekananda college of Engineering